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Welcome to Lakefield!

Lakefield is a medium sized city in Texas, and as the name implies, is surrounded by several lakes. What you don't know about Lakefield, and probably should know, is that nothing is ever quite what it seems. Perception is everything and things are sometimes not what we think. 
This is a suspenseful world that can be funny at times, serious at other times, endearing, sexy and very loving. Sexual situations may not be suitable for for anyone under 18. 
A Happily Ever After is guaranteed. But a word of warning....plot twist and tangles are also guaranteed.

Sexy Romance Book

Run (Lakefield Book 1)

One chance encounter and the Lakefield journey begins…

Olivia is a quirky, spirited, intriguing woman running from the hellish memories of her past. Aiden is a determined, possessive, rich alpha male who’s used to getting exactly what he wants.

She’s sassy, he’s sexy, sparks fly, and now he’s out to own her heart and soul.

When Olivia’s past threatens to put everyone she loves in danger, will she face her fears or run?

In this suspenseful, funny story, two people find that love is sometimes unexpected, differences can make them stronger, and trusting each other can make them whole.

Sexy Romance Book

Hide (Lakefield Book 2)

Maybe it’s possible to save each other…

Julia was hiding from herself and everyone else. Unable to face one horrible event, it’s now affecting everything. Holden was waiting on her and wondering. Now that she’s back, he plans on claiming her in every way.

Where she once saw a cold, deadly man, she now sees the part he hides. Where he once saw a fiery, stubborn woman, he’s now trying to ease her pain.

When their worlds collide, and Julia’s fame puts her in danger, Holden will do anything in his power to keep her safe.

In this suspenseful, sexy story, two headstrong people will learn that love isn’t easy, compromises aren’t free and the person you think you know may still have the power to surprise you.

Break (Lakefield Book 3)

New Release Romance Book

Everyone has their breaking point… 

Kaitlyn, sweet and unassuming, has always viewed life differently. Even with events in her past that would break anyone, she’s always valued what she has. Dr. Logan Matthews, caring and focused, has suddenly become someone different. His life is now overshadowed by something he doesn’t want anyone to see.

Her crush on him doesn’t look like it’ll ever go any further. His protectiveness of her means staying away.

When things go unnaturally wrong in both of their lives, one will learn to be strong and the other will learn to live again. Both will have to let love heal them.

In this suspenseful, heartfelt story, two deserving people will have to see more than what’s on the surface, in order to survive the obstacles they never see coming.

Chase (Lakefield Book 4)

Something more important than their secrets…

Andi, young and strong, with a quick wit and smart mouth was keeping a secret. She had to in order to survive and protect her brother. She’s driving a complex and controlling alpha male insane.

Since Brock met her, he’s been doing what he does best: stalking, researching, digging. He wants to know everything about the woman he’s been burning to claim.

Her stubbornness meets his persistence in a steamy clash of mutual attraction. One will chase, and one will resist until both will have to reveal their hidden lives.

When all things are revealed, both will have to learn to trust each other before they lose it all.

In this fast paced, suspenseful, and steamy story, two people learn that lies can tear them apart, trust is always earned, and the love between them is more important than the secrets they keep.

Damage (Lakefield Book 5)

What if the pivotal moment in your life, hinged upon all the events that happened in your past?

Living in Lakefield, with the memories of a man she loved and lost hanging over her, Suzanne decides to embark on a new life. It’s a choice that will put a series of events in motion, that could ultimately save her or break her.

When she meets a man who isn't who he says he is, her reality is suddenly altered, and nothing is quite what she thought it was. Everything in both of their lives will dramatically change.

Fighting against their pasts and a determined killer, two people that thought they knew what defined them, will have to rethink what they know about themselves and each other.

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