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On Blogging..

I'm not a blogger. I'm an avid Facebook lurker but even then, I post rarely. People get busy, they have lives, most of us work full time jobs.

I would say that I have three jobs. First is the day job I completely enjoy. Second, there's the night job of writing, that I also enjoy but requires a lot of caffeine and quiet in the house. My third job is loving my family and it's by far the most important. That particular job requires time that I should be willing to give freely, without distraction. In other words, without Holden, Julia, Olivia, Aiden and all the rest, rolling about in my head.

So, in saying that, I'll reiterate, I'm not likely to put out a lot of news or blog material but when I do it'll be informative or by request.

If you would like to hear from me about any specific subject, please send me a message on the "Contact" tab.


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