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Hide in production

Hide is finished, finished, finished...but who will come out on top? Hmm..

I've turned it in to some wonderful people over at for conversion.

On - they were incredibly helpful in producing the files I needed. I found that working with them was quite easy. The formatting that has to go in to producing the files for upload to Kindle is, in my opinion, complicated. Maybe it was just a little too much to read through. I think I fell asleep during step 12.

Anyway, I formatted my files to a certain point and read through about 20 articles (they were far more interesting) on how it should generally go, then turned it over to

This isn't an advertisement for them. They're already Kindle recommended. Just saying that their feedback, walk-through process and sense of humor (Hitch) was wonderful. Lots of instructions from them too but not so overloading that it made me feel like I was reading through a technical manual on how to rewire a car.

I like to write - not work on cars.

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