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Break & Other Stuff

I'm absolutely terrible and haven't updated my little blog of random ramblings. (Thanks for reminding me Michelle)

Unfortunately I have been a little overloaded lately with some of the background work before launch.

Things that have happened -

Did I mention I was on Chapter 14 of Book #4 - what, I didn't? Hmm..

Power went out to the house twice this month. Random shutdown of computer both times. It's a good thing I've been hitting save every couple of paragraphs. Nothing major, but I'm ready to call the electric company and ask why our grid keeps going down. I've got a book to write, don't they know that?

My laptop decided that my files are too big and refuses to play ball. I'm in need of a serious upgrade. The poor pink little computer is on it's final leg I guess. Nearly lost a chapter of Book #4. You can't imagine the flip-out moment I had. I may have cussed as much as Liv....several times.

I have some wonderful ladies that volunteered to read the "Break" ARC. Great feedback and I'm loving their comments back to me.

Enticing Journey Book Promotions worked on getting my sale blitz on "Run" and "Hide" out to a lot of blog websites. Ever thankful to those ladies.

Hitch ( gave me a reading list of 15 books. The woman is a genius and I'm humbled by her knowledge. I wouldn't trust my files to anyone but her team.

Marianne (Premade Book Cover Shop) made some wonderful promotional pictures for the books. She's also the person that designed all the covers and worked with me on the look of this series. I'm a faithful Marianne fan.

Work -- I work for a living, that takes up a lot of time as all of you know. Do I want to win the Powerball? Sure but until then, I work.

Reading, reading, reading.

Dallas weather 100 degrees and humid. After Migraine Monday this week I upped my water intake.

Oh and I have the "Chase" cover, sexy Brock.

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