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August Update

It's been a while, once again. With everything that has happened around the release of "Break" I haven't had much time to post anything. I am extremely active on Facebook though and keep a running dialogue week to week of what's new in my author journey.

I posted two videos on there which involved me nervously speaking about how I write and what the books are about.

I've been getting a little bit of feedback from 'Break" that was anything from shocked to teasingly annoyed. Not for the storyline but mainly because of one event that occurs. I won't address it much, other than to say that my books are in the romance mystery/suspense category along with other categories and sometimes things happen. ;)

Writing for me is a long process. I do this in my spare time so I won't have a turn around time that some authors do that do this whole thing as a main source of income/career. I respect them but in my case I have other obligations including a full time job. I like to stay busy though, so I do spend a great deal of time on my books and trying to get them out to readers as quickly as I can without cutting corners or sacrificing plot detail.

I really love, love, love the feedback from you. Whether you like them or hate them in the end, I hope you at least enjoy an entertaining read and the characters. I was speaking with someone that regularly reviews authors the other day and she said that when she reviews people she's at least fair to the author's writing ability (ability to tell a story) even if she doesn't like the overall theme. That's what I try to do as well when I review books and I think it's an admirable stance.

Join me on Facebook if you'd like. Hope all of you are happy and healthy!

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