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HUGE News...

Yeah, it's been a while since I've updated everything.

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So what's the big news??

If you haven't noticed, I've changed all of the Lakefield series covers. I love them! They were previously published with some sexy covers and you might find a few still on the internet for a while like Goodreads as of today (I'll be fixing that soon).

Why the change? These just spoke to me a little more than the previous versions and hell, we all need a change from time to time.

Changing covers is a big deal because as authors we're always trying to have a brand look. If you're a new author then choose wisely. The original covers didn't quite have the feel of the books in my opinion. While you're writing think about what you'd like to project when you put them in front of someone. You have plenty of time - since writing takes forever.

In my case, I wanted people to know that the books were action adventure, mystery, suspense but unfortunately I missed the romance part of that and there IS a lot of romance. So....the brand changed and I'm happy about it.

Happy reading and I hope all of you are doing fantastic!


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