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  Jennifer Vester is a romantic mystery/suspense author whose ambition is to entertain readers with characters facing difficulties in life and love.

  Jennifer grew up in Amarillo, located in the panhandle of Texas, and currently resides in Dallas, Texas. She went to college in Amarillo and Colorado Springs for studies in art and humanities. She enjoys reading a lot of romance (of course), but also reads biographies, history, classic literature, poetry, mystery and true crime.

You'll most often hear her laughing across a room at some sarcastic joke. Engaging in conversation with just about anyone, is one of her favorite things, and she's never met a stranger.

Main mottos: "Life is one twisted and wild journey." "It's okay to be perfectly imperfect." "Anything big or small can be an adventure."

 She writes in her spare time, frequently burns food, forgets to update any of her websites, loves dark beer, watches football, travels, and has a cookie addiction.

When not working, you can find her curled up next to her cat, plotting some new book she shouldn't be thinking about before she finishes her other books, watching a documentary or looking around for her reading glasses (which are always on top of her head).

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