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Welcome to Kingston!

Kingston is a large city full of crime and corruption. The founding family has a grip on everything from politics, development, to law enforcement. If there's justice, they dictate it. If there's crime, they're probably partially to blame. Everything is ruled by the King family and they're happy with their twisted schemes.

But things are about to get difficult. This series continues the story of Mick Galloway (introduced briefly in the Lakefield books). Now a retired FBI agent, he returns to his hometown to join his brother and a cast of characters who just might find a way to turn things around. 

There is a cost to fighting this kind of crime, and sometimes doing the wrong thing may be the right thing to do. 

Sexual situations may not be suitable for for anyone under 18. 


A happily ever after...maybe. Watch out for those twists.

Mick: Kingston Corruption Book 1

Welcome to Kingston, a city of corruption, crime and greed.

In a city without justice, sometimes doing the wrong thing may be the right thing to do.

Mick returns home after a tragic incident that haunts him. With the events of his past plaguing him he’s a broken man. Troubled by his memories, he knows that life will never be the same.

Alisa had her own agonizing journey in life. Her family rules the city through any means. When she moves home, her future seems decided, but she’s always known what it meant to be a King.

He’s a lonely haunted man. She’s the light to his darkness. A chance meeting and it all begins…

In this suspenseful, passionate story, two people will have to fight for their future, in a city that will test the truth of their convictions. Love has a cost, and only sacrifice will show the way.

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