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Hide Published

Well, if you're keeping up with things on Facebook then you know that Hide is now out on Kindle and available for purchase in paperback. Yay!

Those two really had to have their story told. Originally, Julia was not a musician, although Holden was always who he was. (Probably a little more gruff to be honest)

I had Holden and Julia's story hashed out in my mind for a long time before I began working on the story of Aiden and Olivia. I'm glad I did the books in that order though because I needed some distance on the Hide book to really think about how to tell it.

I think that happens with a lot of stories we have rolling around in the back of our minds. The important part is to sit down and start telling them.

My Paul McCartney references were partially for my parents, who gave me a Beatles tape when I was young and told me to get acquainted with some good music. Blackbird was chosen because one of my daughters, after hearing it for the first time, started singing it around the house.

To all those budding writers ~ we're in this together! Can't wait to see what stories you'll write!


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