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Smoldering Heart

Guess what? I've managed to skip a few months on this blog. Are you surprised? Doubt it.

Most of my interaction happens on my Facebook pages. However I do also have a new Newsletter. You can go to my link on the "Home" page, click the "Facebook button and there will be a sign-up option on there. Or I can figure out how to add the link here. I may have to contact my PA. Sigh..

Well we've had a couple of holidays between September and February. So belated everything. Cheers!

I've also revealed the cover and blurb to my newest work - Smoldering Heart. Launch date as of now is February 13th. Amazon is a tricky beast so we'll see when it actually uploads. For more information check out the "Books" tab under Fleming Family.

I also have a reader's group on Facebook (see how this interaction thing is going?) called Vester's Vixens. You can join anytime by searching for the group and joining in the discussions. We have a lot of new people and wonderful ladies, including some other authors that might appear from time to time.

So, why the different theme with this new series? Glad you asked! First, it's dual POV - something that was requested a while ago. Check. Also, I have a lot of readers hungry for more love and romance. Check and check. Third, I love to write stories for a variety of people. Whether they want heavy suspense or more romance - it's all something I love to provide. Hopefully I continue to produce books that are never quite the same and appeal to any interest. Except dark romance..never that..shiver.

Love you all! Keep writing, keep creating! I believe in you!

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