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So, after an exhausting month of doing my balancing act (which hasn't been so balanced) I put the final "The End" on Break.

Balance? What's that? You know - the act where you're trying to be superwoman with your creative pursuits vs your responsibilities. Yeah, that thing.

Anyway, "Break" nearly broke me. With so many things going on it was hard to find time to work on it. I didn't want to seem like a hermit, so there were a few of those nights. Then there were a few nights just for me, that I spent reading, because I love reading. Then there were a few other nights where I just needed sleep.

I think I've gotten myself back on schedule now though.

The process of becoming a self-published author is a messy one. You have to do a lot of research and ask a lot of people where to start. In talking to some people lately I've come to the conclusion that we're all mad, insanely, wonderfully mad to begin this journey in the first place.

However, I did tell someone just today that if you have a story in you that needs to be told, then you have an obligation to yourself to tell it. Whether that's through art or writing or music, etc. Just tell it!

My one BIG goal in doing this was to give one or two or a million women a romance that they could enjoy for a while. Characters that they could love, and just maybe, see themselves reflected in. Oh and maybe give the stories a few twists and turns, of course...

I explained it like this the other day to a complete stranger at the time: Every woman knows one of my female characters. The zaney one, the one that gets her heart broken, the one that thinks she has something wrong with her, the one that tells everyone to go to hell, the one that can't meet the right guy, the one that's hiding herself, the one that has a secret past and the one that craves love. We're all those women. So why not write about the ones we know and give them the love/sex/story they might enjoy?

I hope I've done that for at least ONE of you!


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