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Chase Published

Chase was published quicker than anticipated. I thought it might be October before I could release it but as it turned out it was ready last week and the feedback has been fantastic.

Chase is about Brock and Andi's story. He's been through all the major books and of all the characters people were looking forward to diving into that story line. This book was a little more challenging than the rest of the series because it involved a bit of corporate espionage and Brock's sometimes OCD nature. Andi has her own secrets, which you can imagine for Brock was frustrating.

Check out his brothers - Noah and Owen. I've been asked if they'll get their own books. That's a good possibility but it'll be outside of the Lakefield series. We won't likely see them again until next year.

There will be another Lakefield book but I'm not going to comment much on it for now. That's the suspenseful part of reading my books. You never know where I might take the books or plots.

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